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Michael Crabtree comments on the Deion Sanders chatter: 'We good over here'

Deion Sanders somehow got Michael Crabtree in the spotlight with comments that players in the locker room are unhappy with Jim Harbaugh. Crabtree tweeted a response on Tuesday.

Ezra Shaw

It has been an interesting couple of days to say the least with multiple reports of locker room dissension. Ian Rapoport got the chatter going, and then Deion Sanders and Trent Dilfer both chimed in Sunday and Monday. Sanders said 49ers players were not down with Jim Harbaugh and some wanted him out. People apparently asked him if he was speaking on behalf of Michael Crabtree and he said Crabtree was not the source.

A day later, Michael Crabtree weighed in on the matter:

Crabtree's tweet comes a day after Alex Boone blasted critics, and Antoine Bethea denied the reports of dissension. Additionally, Jim Harbaugh called Sanders's comments a bunch of crap.

We'll probably never know if Deion made this up out of thin air. My guess is somebody grumbled a little too him, and Deion proceeded to blow it up into something a lot more than it actually is. Players are going to be annoyed at times. No team is ever going to be 100 percent happy with their coach. There's too much emotion involved and that's just something teams learn to deal with over the course of the season. The 49ers have too much talent, and a huge opportunity in front of them. The veteran presence can handle this. Nobody knows what Jim Harbaugh's future is with the 49ers, but he's here now, and this team has a chance to win a Super Bowl. I think they can handle unhappy personalities.