2014 MLB playoffs: Giants-Nationals square off in Game 4


Fooch's Update: The Giants are facing the Nationals in Game 4 Tuesday evening, so I thought I would drop the thread back in the layout.

The San Francisco 49ers are plenty busy getting ready for their Week 5 matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs. However, MLB's playoffs get underway on Tuesday, and I thought it would be fun to have an open thread through the next month.

The Bay Area has a pair of representatives in the 1-game wild card playoffs. The Oakland Athletics travel to face the Kansas City Royals on Tuesday, while the San Francisco Giants travel to face the Pittsburgh Pirates on Wednesday. If they win, they then advance to the divisional round. The A's would advance to face the Angels, and the Giants would advance to face the Washington Nationals.

Feel free to chat about the playoffs in here, but as always, make sure and check out our baseball sites. The A's are represented by Athletics Nation, while the Giants are represented by McCovey Chronicles. You can find all our baseball blogs HERE.

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