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Better Rivals Podcast: 49ers vs Cowboys Preview

The Better Rivals makes its Niners Nation debut. Oscar and David are here to break down the concepts for how the 49ers will attack the Dallas defense, and deal with the high flying offense.

Thearon W. Henderson

It's the first Better Rivals podcast on Niners Nation and we packed a ton of info into the 2014 season debut. The rundown details the the impact of the 49ers legal issues on the team. We dissect the curious decisions that comprised the 2014 roster cuts. SEVEN wide receivers? Really?!

The meat of the episode focuses on the concepts that matter in the 49ers versus Cowboys week 1 matchup. You'll hear how San Francisco will attack Dallas' decrepit defense and withstand the potent Dallas offense. The end result might not be as obvious as you'd think.

Concepts: X/Z receiver, Tampa 2 defense, Zone run blocking, Air Coryell offense, Smash, 3-4 verticals, Wham runs