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Seahawks dominate Packers en route to 36-16 win

The Seahawks blew out the Packers with a 36-16 win. And so football has begun.

Jonathan Ferrey

After a slow start early, the Seattle Seahawks took care of business in their opener, dropping the Green Bay Packers 36-16. After a relatively close first half, I would say the final score was not indicative of the Seahawks dominance in the second half. The Packers looked like they were going to get some things going on offense, but it feel apart rather quickly. I think this summed up Green Bay's second half:

The Seahawks looked strong in their opener, and were able to corral the emotions that come from opening the season as world champs. As we settle into the regular season, we'll see if they build on that, or come back to earth a bit. It's only one game, but the Seahawks title defense is off to a solid start. The Packers did have their share of screw-ups in this game, but the Seahawks put together a strong game plan, particularly with some great offensive play-calling.

As the game moved on and I got a little bored, I came across the Madden GIFerator. The folks at EA Sports put this together in conjunction with the release of Madden 15. It allows you to create GIFs with some pre-cut graphics. You can pick from any team, so feel free to head over and play around with it. That's more fun than talking about the Seahawks and Packers!

Rather than go for something mean and intense on my first run through the GIFerator, I decided to entertain myself.

 photo 49ers_pwillis52_showmuscles_zps245150c0.gif