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4th And 9 Podcast: 49ers Week 1 Preview

Tre and Jason are PUMPED for the opening week of the NFL, including a game with two teams we don't like on Thursday, but climaxing with the 49ers invasion of Jerry World to face off against the Cowboys. We'll talk injuries, Ray McDonald, record predictions, as well as who we think will have a big game vs. Dallas.

We're out-of-our-minds excited for the kickoff of the 2014 NFL season, despite the fact it begins with two teams we really don't care for. Nonetheless, the 49ers open up the year in Jerry World facing off against the presumably-horrible Cowboys as Michael Crabtree returns to his home state of Texas.

We'll discuss this game, from injuries, questions in the starting lineup, and predictions on who has a big game. We also predict the 49ers season, talk about the Ray McDonald situation, and make fun of the Seahawks...even if they did beat a hapless Packers team.

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