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It's almost football time....

Thearon W. Henderson

We are now a little over 36 hours away from the start of the 49ers 2014 regular season opener. Although I think the offseason actually flew by for the most part, it was due as much to all the off-the-field news keeping things moving along. Unfortunately, we had to deal with all sorts of nonsense, but in less than two days, we'll be able to just focus on football.

Tomorrow, we'll have an open thread for college football, and plenty of 49ers content, but for tonight, I figured an open thread would be an easy way to close out the night.

How are you spending the evening heading into Week 1 football? I had some Korean fried chicken, and it was gooooood. I believe it's twice fried, and then it had a spicy honey type of glaze. I highly recommend it.