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Michael Crabtree to auction off blue shoes for charity, likely to face fine

Michael Crabtree sported some blue cleats on Sunday, and now he will likely face a fine. This comes even as he auctions them off for charity.

Christian Petersen

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree has sported some great cleats during his time with the 49ers, and he added a new pair to the mix on Sunday in the 2014 regular season opener against the Dallas Cowboys. Crabtree was sporting some bright blue cleats, and after the game he said he would be auctioning them off for charity. Here are a few pictures of the cleats:

I bring this up because his decision to wear the blue cleats is likely to result in a fine. The NFL comes down hard on uniform violations, even as they stumble over themselves in screwing up an assortment of other disciplinary measures. Last year, the NFL fined Brandon Marshall $10,500 for wearing neon green cleats to help raise awareness for Mental Health Awareness Week.

The NFL has tried to clean up its image in many respects, and yet they still do stupid stuff like this. I get that it is a "uniform" for a reason, but when it comes to doing things for charity, you think the NFL would figure out better ways to handle this kind of thing.