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Marcus Martin wins USC-Stanford wager, Jonathan Martin, Shayne Skov wear USC gear

We've got our first college football rivalry wager in the 49ers locker room. Marcus Martin's USC Trojans defeated Jonathan Martin and Shayne Skov's Stanford Cardinal. The latter two had to sport some USC gear, which Marcus Martin tweeted out.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The start of college football season means it is time for friendly rivalry among teammates. The San Francisco 49ers have players from across the country, and naturally that leads to some college rivalries. They've got players from Alabama and Auburn, Florida and Florida State, South Carolina and Clemson, and plenty more. It usually leads to teams betting something or other when the rivals meet up.

Thanks to Marcus Martin, the first wager is complete. USC defeated Stanford over the weekend, and Stanford alums Jonathan Martin and Shayne Skov had to sport some Southern Cal gear at the facility. They look incredibly enthused about this. Too bad we didn't see Coach Harbaugh sporting some USC gear. Hopefully these are not the last of the rivalry pictures we get to see this year.