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Jed York, Trent Baalke press conference word cloud: Think and going are your words of the day

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It was not a pretty couple days for Jed York, as he and Trent Baalke spoke with the media and did not inspire a whole lot of confidence with their words. Baalke seemed to basically echo York's words, but the problem is that York's words were not good. York's performance in Monday's press conference was bad, and somehow his appearance on KNBR Tuesday morning was worse. I suppose he deserves some credit for facing the heat, but his insistence on deflecting pertinent questions ate up any good will he might have otherwise had.

On Monday evening, user Matthew Kenerly put together a word cloud of Monday's press conference. The word cloud uses size of words to indicate how frequently they were used in the transcript. After Baalke and York's respective radio interviews, I asked him if he could put together word clouds for those as well. What he came up with was a word cloud combining all three together, one for just Baalke's stuff, and one for just York's words.

Going, Think, and Jim are the three words we see most frequently across the three of them. Football and coach show up frequently for Baalke, but otherwise we see fairly similar use of words. This is not surprising as they both tried to stay on their message, as misguided as it sometimes seemed.

York/Baalke three transcript word cloud

York word cloud

Baalke word cloud