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Who are candidates to be the 49ers next offensive coordinator?

The San Francisco 49ers are searching for a new coaching staff, and that means assistants as well. Who are some options for offensive coordinator?

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers head coach search is officially underway, with defensive coordinators getting the first couple interviews on Tuesday. With Vic Fangio and Dan Quinn through their first interviews, the 49ers are moving on to offensive coaches, including Josh McDaniels and Adam Gase. They will move on from there, but there seems to be a pretty decent balance of offensive- and defensive-minded coaching candidates.

If the 49ers go with an offensive-minded head coach, it is possible that person will have a guy in mind to handle the OC roles as an extension of their own scheme. However, if the 49ers hire a defensive-minded coach, the biggest question becomes who will be that person's offensive coordinator. Jim Tomsula has been viewed as a strong possibility for the head coach job, and Vic Fangio is probably not too far behind him. Whether it be them, Dan Quinn, Todd Bowles, Rex Ryan, or whomever, the OC will be a crucial hire.

On the morning of the 49ers season finale, we had an extensive discussion about which coaches would be likely candidates for the head coach job. I wanted to do something similar with the OC position. It is a lot more nuanced given that we are talking more about position coaches and college coaches, so I wanted to crowd-source this.

Geep Chryst was a guy many thought could be an eventual successor to Greg Roman. I imagine he will at least get an interview with the new coach. The rest of the offensive staff includes:

RBs: Tom Rathman
WRs: John Morton
OL: Mike Solari
OL Reggie Davis
TE: Eric Mangini (probably more likely as a head coach candidate)
Offensive assistant: Ronald Curry

Outside of the 49ers, who else would be on the radar as a potential offensive coordinator? Any and all suggestions are welcome.