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Former 49ers personnel man Tom Gamble fired by Eagles

A former 49ers personnel man was fired by the Eagles on Wednesday. Could the 49ers make a run at him again?

The Philadelphia Eagles surprised much of the football world on Wednesday when they fired personnel man Tom Gamble. It was described as parting ways, although most are in agreement he was fired. Apparently the 49ers have some influence because we have heard "parting ways" rather frequently since the team "parted ways" with Jim Harbaugh. Washington said it was a mutual decision when they parted ways with defensive coordinator Jim Haslett. Of course, of the three names mentioned in this paragraph, he was the only one who sucked at his job.

Now that Gamble is free, he will likely be a popular GM candidate around the league. Although he was effectively fired, all indications are that this was simply a matter of GM Howie Roseman sending a message to head coach Chip Kelly. Bleeding Green Nation described this as potentially a way to lessen Chip Kelly's power and create more balance in the organization. Nobody thinks it was a performance issue.

Gamble worked extensively with the San Francisco 49ers before heading east to Philadelphia. He was the 49ers director of player personnel from 2010 to early 2013. He got his start with the Eagles in 1988 thanks to help from his dad, and as I understand it, part of the reason he went back was because his dad was sick. His dad has since passed, but he has continued on with the Eagles.

I suspect Gamble will get a GM job, or a high level personnel job, but I also imagine Trent Baalke will reach out to him. Gamble and Baalke go back a ways, and as I understand it have a good relationship. Gamble was a big part of the 49ers personnel apparatus, and some reports indicate he was also a guy who helped manage the relationship between Harbaugh and the front office/ownership. That's not quite an issue any more, so we'll see if we hear any rumors of the 49ers contacting Gamble.