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Fantasy football advice, FanDuel: Divisional Playoffs lineup tips and strategies

The regular season is over, but there is still more fantasy football to be played. Daily fantasy football continues this weekend on FanDuel. Here are the guys who could make gamers very happy this weekend.

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Fooch's Note: Make sure and join the SB Nation FanDuel league for the divisional round. The entry fee is $5, and the top 40 finishers can win between $12 and $100.

Thanks to big games from Dan Herron and Adam Vinatieri I finished 7th out of 250 in my Wild Card Weekend FanDuel contest last week. Good enough to finish in the money! This week, I won't be going back to the Herron/Vinatieri well, but I will be in the Niners Nation FanDuel league. Here are a few players I think can help you win your FanDuel contest for the Divisional round of the playoffs:

Tom Brady (Patriots) $9,100 - I doubt the Pats press their luck on the ground against the Ravens. Why would they when they have all the tools required to exploit the Baltimore secondary. The Ravens did make Big Ben a horrible play last week, but Brady should be able to finish drives in Foxboro.

Marshawn Lynch (Seahawks) $8,900 - I'd be completely happy if this pick blows up in my face and the Seahawks lose. Odds are Lynch breaks the 100 yard mark by the 3rd quarter en route to a big fantasy day. The Panthers defense has been improving, but I think they get grinded down and the Seahawks take the game from them in the second half on Lynch's back.

Shane Vereen (Patriots) $5,200 - Dan Herron did me right last week and I'm hoping to find some luck with another super cheap running back. Normally, I avoid Patriot running backs like bars with cover charges, but the situation is setup for Vereen to have a big day in the receiving game.

Jordy Nelson (Packers) $9,000 - Either he or Randall Cobb should have a big day, if not both. I'm a bit worried about Rodgers' calf strain, but not enough to avoid this matchup.

Cole Beasley (Cowboys) $5,800 - He's been very active the last 3 weeks and unless they jump to a big lead, the Cowboy will have to throw. Dallas most likely tries to give DeMarco Murray 70 carries, but the Packers most likely go up by 17 at some point.  Beasley is a cheap source of receptions, just have to hope Romo holds it together.

Julian Edelman (Patriots) $7,300 - Although the Ravens tend to find ways to make me hate football I'm buying plenty of shares in the New England Offense. Gronk is a bit too expensive and will be a popular pick. Edelman is a lot cheaper and should receive more targets working the intermediate routes.

Julius Thomas (Broncos) $5,500 - I wouldn't worry too much about the final stretch of the regular season. His ankle injury slowed him down and although he isn't completely recovered, he will be a prime red zone threat against the Colts.

Justin Tucker (Ravens) $4,500 - The Ravens should be able to keep the game competitive (if they don't win it outright). The weather is an issue, but I wait to select my kicker until the end and I had to choose between Tucker andGraham Gano in Seattle. I went with Tucker since I believe the Ravens will score more points than the Panthers.

Seattle Defense $5,200 - This is when you don't mind going with a popular pick. The Seattle defense is healthy and the Panthers looked sloppy at home against the Cardinals. Hard to imagine Carolina putting up more than 15 points on the road and Newton is good for a turnover or two. Again, the Panthers winning would bake my beans, float my boat and mac my cheese simultaneously, but the odds of that happening are incredibly low.