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Dick LeBeau leaves Steelers in "mutual" parting of the ways

In a surprising bit of news, the Pittsburgh Steelers have parted ways with their defensive coordinator. Dick LeBeau is out in what seems like more of a mutual piece of news for him than the Steelers. What does it all mean?

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Add the Pittsburgh Steelers to another situation where we have a "mutual" departure. In a stunning bit of news, defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau has left the Steelers after serving as defensive coordinator since 2004. LeBeau said it was time to go in a different direction, and unlike some recent mutual partings, this one seems more mutual for him than the Steelers.

As soon as word got out on this, people were asking what it might mean for the 49ers. There was a suggestion that maybe he would come and be defensive coordinator. He also has three years head coaching experience in Cincinnati. My guess is he ends up taking another DC job, because much like Norv Turner, he seems much more suited for such a role.

The question now is where that role will be. There has been some suggestion he could head to Arizona to join Bruce Arians if Todd Bowles takes over another team. There have been several reports that Bowles is not going to force anything, and would be happy sticking around in Arizona. However, if he left, LeBeau would make some sense down there.

He certainly could end up as an option for a new 49ers head coach, but it is too early to tell what it might mean. Heck, we don't even know who the 49ers next head coach will be, let along who his DC and OC will be. If Vic Fangio got the 49ers job, promoting Ed Donatell makes sense, and I just don't see LeBeau coming in to implement Fangio's defensive vision. However, if the 49ers hired an offensive mind (young or Mike Shanahan), maybe LeBeau becomes a little more interested. We don't know given how little is known about what he actually has in mind moving forward. For now thought it adds an element of intrigue to the whole process.