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Colts vs. Broncos final score: Denver loss means Adam Gase is free to interview, take head coach position

The Denver Broncos lost their divisional round matchup on Sunday, as the Indianapolis Colts advanced to the AFC Championship Game. We break down what this means for offensive coordinator Adam Gase.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts sprung the sizable upset on Sunday, defeating the Denver Broncos by a final score of 24-13. There was really nothing super crazy about this game, and you could say it was about Peyton Manning laying an egg. He finished the game 25 of 45 for 187 yards with 1 touchdown. The Colts advance to face the New England Patriots next Sunday in the AFC Championship Game. Indianapolis will be an underdog as they head on the road for the second straight week.

The Broncos loss means that offensive coordinator Adam Gase is free to conduct additional interviews for head coach positions. He interviewed with the San Francisco 49ers a week ago Friday. The 49ers wrapped up a variety of initial interviews, and now are reportedly considering a second interview with Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles. One has to imagine one or more teams will look to bring Gase in for another interview.

Of course, in light of the Broncos loss, some (PFT, for example) have already begun speculating on the future of head coach John Fox. The Broncos advanced to the Super Bowl last season before a blowout loss to the Seattle Seahawks. However, with an early upset this year, maybe Broncos ownership decides they are not happy. If that is the case, Adam Gase would likely be the first candidate for the job. It's way too early to say that will be an issue, but it is worth including on our radar.