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Are Josh McDaniels or Dan Quinn the reason the 49ers coaching search is taking a while?

The San Francisco 49ers have not hired a head coach yet. Could the continued playoff appearances for Josh McDaniels or Dan Quinn be the reason?

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers coaching search is entering its third week, and there is no sign of what the next significant step will be. We have heard reports the team will potentially interview Todd Bowles a second time. Rex Ryan is all but off the market at this point. Other than that however, things have been relatively quiet.

Over the weekend, NFL Network reported the 49ers are high on New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, but also could be a darkhorse candidate for Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn. Both coordinators remain alive in the playoffs, as the Patriots and Seahawks both advanced to the conference championship round of the 2015 NFL playoffs. Neither coach can interview this week, but both will be able to interview next week, regardless of the outcome of their respective conference championship games. Over the weekend, David Neumann broke down the case for and against Josh McDaniels.

Trent Baalke said the search would take seven to ten days, but he also said they would take as much time as necessary to make the right choice. There are several potentially qualified candidates the 49ers could hire now, but they have not. If they do not hire someone by the end of this week, one would have to imagine McDaniels or Quinn is the target, barring some stunning dark horse of which we are unaware. I suppose Pep Hamilton could be in the mix as well, but the 49ers have not been connected to him thus far.

We also know it will not be Gary Kubiak. The Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator announced on Sunday that he was not going to pursue a head coaching opportunity at this point.