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49ers coaching search rumors: Vic Fangio has not had follow-up

The San Francisco 49ers coaching search has not revealed a front-runner, but we might be moving past the internal candidates. According to Matt Maiocco, Vic Fangio has not had a follow-up with the 49ers in recent days. We break down what it might mean.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers coaching search rolls along, and the longer it takes, the less likely it is that an internal candidate gets the job. Matt Maiocco is reporting the 49ers have not followed up with Vic Fangio in recent days. The team interviewed him the Tuesday after "parting ways" with Jim Harbaugh, and we have heard nothing from him since.

Fangio quickly emerged as a favorite among many fans, which came after Jim Tomsula had been considered the favorite heading into the process. As Tim Kawakami pointed out, they are both right there in the Bay Area, so it is not that difficult to make time with them for further interviews.

However, if the 49ers were committed to either of them as their next head coach, would they not have already made the decision? I get that there is value in educating themselves about the other candidates, and just generally learning what makes people tick. However, at some point a decision needs to be made. If Fangio or Tomsula, or really anybody in those early interviews had blown the 49ers away, I have to think a decision would have been made.

There are reports Todd Bowles impressed and might get a second interview, so he could have impressed enough. Reports indicate he has not had the interview yet, but there appears to be some interest. And of course, Josh McDaniels and Dan Quinn remaining in the playoffs could mean the team is waiting for one of them.

For now though, without much in the way of really specific leaks, we are left to speculate on where things might stand. It logically makes sense that the team has not been blown away by anybody prior to Bowles, or that it is one of the remaining playoff coordinators. Other than that, we are just sort of re-arranging the chairs while we wait and see what's what.