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Adam Gase will or will not be considered for the Denver Broncos head coaching job

Adam Gase is in a bit of a strange position following the firing of the Denver Broncos coaching staff. What happens next?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The race for sourced information is officially on with the Denver Broncos head coaching search. Denver Post beat writer Mike Klis is reporting Adam Gase is not likely to get promoted to the Broncos vacant HC position. On the other hand, Mike Florio has a source saying he will be considered for the job. Both of these reports could be true, but they just show how confusing the situation is rapidly becoming.

The Denver Post report also mentioned that Mike Shanahan is not a candidate for the job. On the other hand, Adam Schefter is reporting the Broncos are interested in Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn. There are a handful of notable names on the market, and the Broncos are sure to jump right in. Their situation is a little bit complicated however by the uncertain future of quarterback Peyton Manning. If I am interviewing for that job, I don't see how I can accept a job there without knowing Manning's status for 2015.

Shortly after all the news broke about John Fox being fired, Ian Rapoport tweeted that the San Francisco 49ers had scheduled a meeting with Gase prior to all the drama going down. Rapoport reported the 49ers were prepared to make a final push for Gase. Of course, since Fox departed the Broncos, there have been multiple reports that the rest of the staff was told they would be wise to look for other jobs. They remain under contract, much like the 49ers coaching staff, but they are free to search for alternative employment options.

If the 49ers decide Adam Gase is their guy, it opens the door to plenty of questions. Does Vic Fangio stick around as defensive coordinator? Has Gase made his bones strictly because of Peyton Manning, or would he legitimately bring something to the table? What does it mean for the 49ers offense? Bay Area Sports Guy had a few questions of his own.

We were hoping to start getting more answers in the coming days, but for now there are a few more questions.