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How does age impact your view of the 49ers head coach candidates?

The San Francisco 49ers are speaking with coaches representing a broad range of ages. Does that experience or lack thereof significantly impact your opinion?

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers are reportedly in the middle of a meeting with Denver Broncos offensive coordinator. NFL Network's Jeff Darlington is reporting the meeting could last eight hours, and the team could try and push for Gase by the end of that meeting. The Denver Broncos have a meeting set up after that, but Darlington suggested it is possible Gase could very well be locked up by then.

This all comes after Mike Silver suggested last night that Vic Fangio would want out of San Francisco if Gase got the job. Silver mentioned that Fangio would be amenable to staying if Mike Shanahan got the job, and an Eric Branch sums up why Fangio would think that:

I am not entirely surprised Fangio would think this, but I do wonder what that experience or lack thereof would mean for the 49ers veteran team. On the one hand, a veteran would seemingly be able to police itself, but on the other hand, there is always the concern that they might grow lackadaisical and not take the new head coach seriously.

These guys are professionals, but is there that concern about not taking the head coach seriously? Or is this just Vic Fangio pissed off that he might get passed over for somebody significantly younger than him? I do get the experience concern, but I also am intrigued by the idea of growing with the coach. Jed York said he wanted somebody who could be around for the next decade, and Gase is certainly one such guy. He does not have the extensive experience of other coaches, but if he can do the job, he can do the job. Of course, given his connection with Peyton Manning, we are stuck not really knowing if he can in fact do the job. Good times!