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John Elway confirms Adam Gase, Jack Del Rio are candidates for Broncos head coach position

The Denver Broncos are at the start of their coaching search, and they will have at least two in-house candidates, according to GM John Elway. We break down what this means for the San Francisco 49ers.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Denver Broncos general manager John Elway spoke to the media on Tuesday, and he confirmed that offensive coordinator Adam Gase and defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio would both be candidates for the team's vacant head coach position. The Broncos parted ways with head coach John Fox on Monday, in a move that was first discussed in the media Sunday before the Broncos loss to the Colts. Elway met with the media to discuss the firing, and the future of the Broncos.

The Denver Post had initially reported it was unlikely Gase would get the job, but that did not necessarily remove him from the equation as a candidate. Earlier today, Jeff Darlington reported the Broncos had an interview scheduled with Gase following the San Francisco 49ers interview. The 49ers reportedly scheduled their interview before the drama unfolded in Denver, and had an eight hour interview planned. I don't really know what they would talk about for eight hours, but it would provide some time for both sides to potentially convince each other that they are right for each other.

When word got out about the scheduling of the interviews in Denver, some began suggesting this might mean the Broncos were hoping somebody else would hire Gase. However, given that the 49ers interview may have been scheduled before the Broncos fired Fox, it is possible this is just a matter of fortuitous timing by the 49ers. Whatever the case, it will be interesting to see if Gase gets to that Broncos interview later Tuesday evening, or if the 49ers are able to lock something down before then. If both sides agree Gase should join the 49ers, there is no reason he should continue on to the Broncos interview. If there is doubt on either side, then we see the Broncos interview happen.