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Vic Fangio non-committal on future if 49ers hire Adam Gase

The San Francisco 49ers might lose some coaches if Adam Gase is hired as head coach. We take a look at where Vic Fangio currently stands in the process.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers might be closing in on hiring Adam Gase, and that has people anxious about the future of defensive coordinator Vic Fangio. For now it appears the 49ers understand he might be want out if Gase is hired, but nothing is done.

Monday evening, Mike Silver reported that Fangio wanted out of San Francisco unless he was head coach or Mike Shanahan was head coach. I suppose Fangio could mention that in discussions with friends and colleagues, but I also don't see Fangio being so hasty with his decision-making. He is reportedly the highest paid defensive coordinator in the NFL. He has a unit that played incredibly in 2014, and potentially gets some big contributors back from injury. He might lose Justin Smith, but that is also not set in stone.

This is just one more piece of the puzzle that will be resolved once a decision is made on the 49ers next head coach. I have to think we find out today or tomorrow. Once that goes down, assuming it is not Fangio, the rest of the dominos should start to fall in fairly short order.