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Current, former 49ers players react to Jim Tomsula hiring

The San Francisco 49ers hired Jim Tomsula on Wednesday, and reactions are coming in. Current and former players are among those starting to weigh in.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers have a new head coach, with Jim Tomsula taking over as the 19th head coach in franchise history. Reaction has been swift and negative from 49ers fans, but some current and former players have been quick to provide support for the new head coach.

I don't anticipate anybody publicly grumbling about the move, but it will be interesting to see if any anonymous sources provide anything negative about the decision. A lot of defensive players came out in support of Vic Fangio for the job. Tomsula is well-respected in the 49ers locker room, and very well could be a reason Justin Smith comes back for another season.

Anquan Boldin was among the first players, appearing on Sports Illustrated's Cam Inman has a full transcript. He is happy with the move, primarily because of the continuity it provides:

"He’s a great coach, first of all. For teams to be successful, you have to have as much continuity from year to year as much as possible. Hiring Tomsula gives us that continuity. The less change you have, the better chance you have of being successful the following year."

Here are some initial comments of support: