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Jim Tomsula's personality brings a lot of positives to the 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers promoted Jim Tomsula to head coach Wednesday afternoon, and 49ers Twitter exploded. I'm kind of amazed Niners Nation is not a pile of ashes right now following all the news of the day.

That being said, while venting will continue, I also think it is helpful to at least consider some positives when it comes to the hiring of Jim Tomsula. His relentless positivity, and the love he engenders from his current and former players is one significant positive. The big question will be what kind of staff gets put together, but we'll have to wait and see on that.

In the meantime, at least we know the 49ers are going to have one heck of a personality as their head coach. He is drastically different from Jim Harbaugh, but no less entertaining. The video above was from an interview I conducted with him at media day leading up to Super Bowl 48. I asked him a question about Justin Smith's arm, and then got in a question about his notorious chest hair. He was as nice as could be, and had some fun with it.

NFL Films also put together a great feature on him, which you can watch HERE. It's from back in 2011, but gives some good insight into his life leading up to his work with the 49ers. It's a great watch. You can also check out this mic'd up video put out this evening.

Additionally, how about this video that has become moderately famous among 49ers fans. BLUDGEON!!! BLUDGEON!!! BLUDGEON!!!

And then there is this from the Joe Show: