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49ers salary cap: Pertinent player contract dates following hiring of Jim Tomsula

The San Francisco 49ers will have some salary cap decisions to make in the coming months. Some of those involve contracts with important salary and bonus dates. We break them down.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason is in full swing for the San Francisco 49ers, and there is plenty of work to do on a lot of fronts. The team is in the process of putting together a new coaching staff, NFL Draft preparations have begun, and the salary cap has to be massaged in preparation for free agency.

The 49ers have numerous decisions to make with regard to the salary cap, and some of those decisions revolve around key contract dates. The 49ers have numerous contracts with rolling guarantees, which means a given year's salary becomes all or partially guaranteed if a player is on the roster on a given day. Additionally, they have roster bonuses due for players on the roster on that day.

Colin Kaepernick is the biggest name on the list. There has been talk about his various rolling salary guarantees, and Tim Ryan suggested there was a big decision to be made. The team is bringing in a new offensive coaching staff, but odds seem pretty high Kap will be around for at least another year. If the 49ers have concerns about the cap, one option would be instead to restructure his deal, turning this year's base salary into a signing bonus. The team has some time to figure out what will work best with other decisions still to be made.

Here is a rundown of those players, the dates in question, and their respective salaries or bonuses. Note: You might have seen similar information on Spotrac. We were able to clarify a couple of their dates, which were incorrect.

Base salary guarantees

April 1, 2015

Colin Kaepernick: $10.4 million fully guaranteed
Antoine Bethea: $3 million fully guaranteed
Anthony Davis: $2.35 million fully guaranteed

Anquan Boldin: $3 million of his $5.5 million base salary becomes guaranteed
Bruce Miller: $819,000 of his $1.1 million base salary becomes guaranteed
Phil Dawson: $500,000 of his $3.134 million base salary becomes guaranteed

Roster, option bonuses

April 1, 2015

Joe Staley: $6 million option bonus, which activates the 2018 contract year in his new 6-year extension he signed last offseason

Daniel Kilgore: $600,000 roster bonus as part of his 3-year extension he signed last offseason