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Golden Nuggets: 49ers hire Jim Tomsula as Head Coach

Thursday, January 15, 2015 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of links from around the web.

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Good morning everyone. The 49ers finally hired their head coach yesterday, and it was somebody who was there all along. The 49ers defensive line coach since 2007, Jim Tomsula becomes the 19th head coach of the 49ers. He he is actually counted twice in that list due to his one game interim stint after Mike Singletary was fired. Tomsula is by all accounts a great guy, and his players, even on the offensive side of the ball, seem ready to run through a brick wall for him. But, the hire does has some people concerned. Among the reasons I can find, there do seem to be some valid (and invalid) reasons why.

Most of the concerns I can sense seem to stem from the fact that Tomsula is jumping from position coach straight to head coach, bypassing coordinator. The last time a great position coach leapfrogged coordinator was Mike Singletary, and I maintain to this day, that he might be the worst tactical coach in the history of the NFL. Their situations are not totally similar though, as Tomsula has head coaching experience, even if it was in NFL Europe. Speaking of which, I find it it absolutely amazing that an NFL Europe coach could rise through the ranks and become an NFL Head coach. It is an amazing accomplishment.

Another reason may have less to do with Tomsula and more to do with confusion over what the front office is actually trying to do. The reason a team promotes from within, is usually to maintain some semblance of stability. But, soon after Tomsula was hired, we heard reports that management is clearing out every assistant other than Tom Rathman. How is that stable? Now, I think there are coaches on the roster who could still be with the team next season, but If we were going to have a whole new assistant staff other than Rathman, I could think of quite a few head coaches I would want over Tomsula.

A lot of the times coordinators fail as head coaches, it's because they try to handle the head coaches job, along with their old coordinator job. When I heard that Adam Gase wanted to call his own plays as head coach I immediately hopped off his bandwagon. Actually, I really was never on it to begin with, but the point stands. In my mind there is way to much responsibility on a head coach to also handle the role of a coordinator. Good coaches defer to their assistants. In fact, a head coach at the NFL level really should be called a manager as opposed to coach. A good coach manages, adjusts, fine tunes, and defers. Seeing as Tomsula has no background as a hands on x's and o's guy, we shouldn't have to worry about him putting too much on his plate. As long as good coordinators are hired (No Jimmy Raye types) I am not worried about Jim Tomsula becoming Mike Singletary 2.0. To the links!

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