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Golden Nuggets: Jim Tomsula's press conference was bad, and that's fine

Friday, January 16th, 2015 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet.

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Sure sounds like a whole lot of people are pretty upset about Jim Tomsula and the San Francisco 49ers in general. I've been away for much of the past week, so I've had to catch up on news at night and it's been filled with 49ers fans panicking over a lot of things. Some of those things are very stupid -- like Tomsula's press conference and the absence of a Patrick Willis jersey in a promotional shot.

It doesn't matter if he stumbled in a press conference and Willis isn't going anywhere. That's nonsense.

But I do have some pretty complicated thoughts regarding Tomsula's hiring, Jed York and his apparent desire for absolute power and the reminding of everyone that he is in absolute power at every turn and Trent Baalke. I spent about an hour putting those thoughts down and that will go up in a separate post later today. But the consensus I arrived on was essentially this: Tomsula is capable if he's free to be himself.

Let's get to your links for the day.

I have to admit -- I did a double-take at this headline. The thought that the 49ers had offered Adam Gase the job and then backed out seems to fit nicely in the absurdity that has been the past year in 49ers-land, but at the end of the day I just don't believe it. I believe that Gase was interviewed thoroughly and that the 49ers liked him, but I sincerely doubt they told him he's the guy and then backed out, and somehow Greg Papa is the one guy that has the inside line on that.

But I DO think the exchange regarding where it all starts between Baalke and York was both entertaining and eternally worrying. York simply cannot avoid telling people that he's in charge and I'm starting to get more and more sour on him. Given what I know, I wouldn't want to work for him. But maybe this is all just overblown? Or, you know, maybe Papa's report is accurate and this organization is a dumpster fire. I guess both are equally likely | Greg Papa: 49ers had 'verbal agreement to give it to Adam Gase ... Jed backed out." (BA Sports Guy)

Baalke: 49ers job was offered to only one person (Maiocco)

GM Trent Baalke looms large at Jim Tomsula news conference (Barrows)

Will Smith stay or will he go? Decision could come soon (Branch)

Report: Foerster replaces Solari as offensive line coach (Maiocco)

49ers release Fangio, Donatell (Maiocco)

Tomsula signs four-year deal; some assistants to remain (Barrows)

After two-press conference losing streak, it's up to Baalke (with Tomsula's help) to win games (BA Sports Guy)

Could Colin Kaepernick's 49ers stay be in jeopardy? (Gutierrez)

Baalke wants "synergy" in coaching staff (Biderman)

Jim Tomsula wants 49ers to run the ball -- and that includes Kaepernick (Barrows)

Tomsula feels 'strong sense of responsibility' (Maiocco)

Transcript: 49ers coach Jim Tomsula's formal press conference, with Jed York and Trent Baalke (Inman)

A tale of two Jims for the 49ers (Gutierrez)

Tomsula wasn't hired to win press conferences (Biderman)

Tomsula is genuine, but it will take more than that (Mercury News)

Jim Tomsula preaches unified front during hour-long press conference (Inman)

Trent Baalke after the 49ers' Jim Tomsula presser: "You have to have like-minded people building a team"(Kawakami)

Ian Williams Reflects on History with Jim Tomsula (49ers)

Baalke plans to reach out to Justin Smith about next season (Maiocco)

49ers Players Welcome Coach Jim Tomsula (49ers)