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Seattle radio station here to teach Seahawks fans what to know about the team

A little over a year ago, the San Francisco 49ers sent along a "home field advantage guide" to season ticket holders. It discussed the need to get fans jacked up, and how best to get ready for game day. I get the general idea behind it, but this kind of thing is always open to mockery. It kind of died down, but every so often, a Seahawks fan will crack a joke about it.

Well, the shoe is now on the other foot. A Seattle news station decided they need to inform "new" Seahawks fans how to speak confidently about the team as they head into Sunday's NFC Championship Game. In reality, it is just a goofy local news thing. And yet, given that every team has a sizable chunk of bandwagon fans that come and go, I can't help but laugh at this video, and the accompanying article.

I don't think any fan base can jump all over another fan base for certain behavior because every fan base has their share of bandwagoners, crazy people, and otherwise generally awful people. That being said, we can still snicker when we see something like this.