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Fantasy football advice, FanDuel: Conference Championship lineup tips and strategies

The regular season is over, but there is still more fantasy football to be played. Daily fantasy football continues this weekend on FanDuel. Here are the guys who could make gamers very happy this weekend. Make sure and join SB Nation's conference championship Sunday FanDuel league!

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I didn't have as much luck last week. Like many of you, I put my faith in Marshawn Lynch and Jordy Nelson, neither of whom delivered. This week there are far less games to pick from which makes its a bit more difficult to finish near the top of your league in FanDuel. Here is the lineup I'll be trotting out there:

Andrew Luck (Colts) $9,200: I struggled to decide between Luck and Wilson this week. I'm going with Luck since he should have to throw the ball more and rushing yards are a bit more difficult to predict. Revis is definitely a concern, but I think the Indy tight ends should do some damage if the wide outs are locked down.

Marshawn Lynch (Seahawks) $8,600: He burned me last week, but we're down to four games and there aren't many backs available. I expect Seattle to run the Packers ragged and Lynch should play a bigger role.

Dan Herron (Colts) $7,000: At least 90 yards, 8 receptions and a touchdown in his last 2 games. Plus, New England gave up 124 rushing yards to Justin Forsett last week. Even if the Colts find themselves behind Herron is a major threat in the passing game.

Davante Adams (Packers) $6,000: If you see a safe wide receiver play this weekend please send a tweet to @DerekRVA and let a brother know. Adams came up big last week, but that was against Dallas and in Green Bay. He's tied to a one-legged Aaron Rodgers, but I think Cobb and Adams will excel on short routes due to pressure and generate some yards after the catch.

Julian Edelman (Patriots) $7,500: He's the fourth cheapest receiver available, but you could make the argument that he is the safest. The targets should be there, but he isn't exactly an elite red zone threat. Oh yeah, if you need him to throw for a TD that is a possibility.

Doug Baldwin (Seahawks) $6,200: I was rewarded with a TD, but little else when I rolled with Baldwin last week. I don't expect the Seahawks to pass too often, but he is capable of catching a deep ball or two.

Dwayne Allen (Colts) $5,300: To pick Allen is to pray for a touchdown as it seems he only gets his in the end zone. I'll buy a ride on that trolley after seeing tight ends have some success against the Patriots last week.

Stephen Gostkowski (Patriots) $4,900: It should be the higher scoring of the two games and he is at home.

Seahawks Defense $5,300: They'll hurt your wallet, but there is hardly a better defense playing this weekend. You could take your chances with New England and save a few bucks, but I had enough budget left to splurge here.

Make sure and join SB Nation's conference championship Sunday FanDuel league!