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Jim Tomsula comments provide evidence Rob Chudzinski could be choice for offensive coordinator

Jim Tomsula might have hinted at potential coaching staff plans when he chatted with the media after his press conference. His comments don't give everything away, but they are at least interesting to consider.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Tomsula and the San Francisco 49ers are in the midst of figuring out their coaching staff, and Friday provided a bit of intrigue. There was a report that Kyle Shanahan turned down the offensive coordinator position, with speculation being that he did it because his dad might be in play for the job. Mike Shanahan has extensive offensive experience, and while taking a lesser role might seem odd, this might be one situation where it is not entirely out of the realm of the possible.

That being said, I'll stick by my prediction that Rob Chudzinski ends up getting the job. Tomsula might have hinted toward something along those lines in his post-press conference chat with the media. Matt Maiocco posted some of those comments:

"If there's somebody that's doing something really interesting (and) you know that's it, but it's tampering, so you don't want to do that," Tomsula said. "So you have to wait, and that's just right. But then if there's somebody else you can get right now, what do you do there? Do you hedge your bet?"

Obviously this could apply to anybody on the Colts, Patriots, Seahawks and Packers coaching staffs. And it could mean the team decides they don't want to wait on Chudzinski. If the Colts were to upset the Patriots on Sunday, the 49ers could very well decide they don't want to wait another two weeks. There are plenty of questions about all this, so nothing is set in stone. Nonetheless, I still think we end up seeing Rob Chudzinski as the 49ers offensive coordinator before all is said and done.