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Lane Kiffin front runner for 49ers OC job, according to Adam Schefter

The San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator job has a few notable names connected to it. What rumors do we believe?

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The rumor mill is flowing hot and heavy as we get ready for the conference championship games. ESPN's Adam Schefter tweeted that Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin is a front-runner for the San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator job. Schefter also tweeted that Rob Chudzinski remains under consideration. This report comes a couple days after Cam Inman reported Kiffin was interested in a return to the NFL, and the Mike Shanahan-OC rumors popped up.

If the Indianapolis Colts lose today, I think we see Chudzinski get the 49ers OC job. If the Colts win today, then I don't know exactly what happens. Do the 49ers wait two weeks for the Colts to get through the Super Bowl, or do they make a move now out of impatience? Nothing would really surprise me at this point, but I still don't think Kiffin gets the job.

That being said, I will stick with my Chudzinski prediction. I don't know who started the Kiffin-49ers connection, but I am skeptical. It could be Lane Kiffin's people trying to get his name out there. It could also be the 49ers floating it to buy some time until Chudzinski is available. Or maybe they figured people would react negatively to Kiffin, so it makes Chudzinski look even better. I have no idea what the brain trust is thinking in this regard.