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Packers lead Seahawks as penalties, turnovers benefit Packers

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NFC Championship Game has been pretty ugly thus far, although the score is enjoyable. The Green Bay Packers lead the Seattle Seahawks 16-0 at halftime. Russell Wilson is having an abysmal game, completing only two passes in the first half, and throwing three interceptions. Aaron Rodgers has not been overly impressive, but has looked much better than Russell Wilson. Rogers is 12 of 21 for 115 yards and one touchdown, while throwing two interceptions.

The Packers could be doing more with these turnovers, but they are getting points on the board. They kicked field goals on a pair of 4th and short situations, with one coming on 4th and goal inside the Seahawks 1. They should be up by more, but 16-0 certainly works fine.

The Seahawks will open the second half with the ball. Seattle has done great work in the second half, so this game is far from over. But if Eddie Lacy can keep going, the Packers have a good shot of pulling off what would be a pretty big upset to get to the Super Bowl. We'll be back with some kind of recap after the game.