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NFL Draft order 2015: 2 spots remain with Patriots-Seahawks Super Bowl matchup

The 2015 NFL Draft order gets two more spots figured out. As the 49ers prepare to use their picks, will the more streamlined front office to coach set-up make a difference in how young players are used?

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The NFC and AFC Championship games are officially a wrap, which means we have two more position in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft set in place. The Indianapolis Colts now hold pick No. 29, and the Green Bay Packers hold pick No. 30. The San Francisco 49ers are at pick No. 15 following their 8-8 season. The New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks will determine the order of the final two spots of the first round with the Super Bowl.

Once the Super Bowl is a wrap, the next notable date will be the spring owners meetings March 22-25. At that meeting, compensation picks will be announced. The 49ers currently hold seven picks, and they are expected to get two compensation picks. The 49ers will likely enter the 2015 NFL Draft with nine picks, but we know they will do plenty of wheeling and dealing. Even if they end the draft with nine picks, it is unlikely that they will be the same picks from day one of the draft.

We know that Trent Baalke has his strategies for drafting, but the new coaching staff will make this year's draft all the more interesting. This is clearly Baalke's team, so the draft becomes all the more important. It's not like it was useless before, but with a coach in place that will seemingly following a strict organizational philosophy, maybe we actually see young talent get more opportunities early on. The 49ers used some young guys during the Jim Harbaugh era, but at times it certainly felt like they were avoiding using some of them. Maybe we see a change in 2015?

Complete 2015 NFL Draft order:

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 2-14 (.486 SOS) 
2. Tennessee Titans: 2-14 (.506 SOS) 
3. Jacksonville Jaguars: 3-13 (.514 SOS) 
4. Oakland Raiders - 3-13 (.570 SOS) 
5. Washington: 4-12 (.496 SOS) 
6. New York Jets: 4-12 (.543 SOS) 
7. Chicago Bears: 5-11 (.529 SOS) 
8. Atlanta Falcons: 6-10 (.482 SOS) 
9. New York Giants: 6-10 (.512 SOS) 
10. St. Louis Rams: 6-10 (.531 SOS) 
11. Minnesota Vikings: 7-9 (.475 SOS) 
12. Cleveland Browns: 7-9 (.479 SOS) 
13. New Orleans Saints: 7-9 (.486 SOS) 
14. Miami Dolphins: 8-8 (.512 SOS) 
15. San Francisco 49ers: 8-8 (.527 SOS) 
16. Houston Texans: 9-7 (.447 SOS) 
17. San Diego Chargers: 9-7 (.512 SOS) 
18. Kansas City Chiefs: 9-7 (.512 SOS) 
19. Cleveland Browns (own first round pick of Buffalo Bills, 9-7 -- .516 SOS) 
20. Philadelphia Eagles: 10-6 (.490 SOS) 
21. Cincinnati Bengals: 10-5-1 (.498 SOS) 
22. Pittsburgh Steelers: 11-5 (.451 SOS) 
23. Detroit Lions: 11-5 (.471 SOS) 
24. Arizona Cardinals: 11-5 (.523 SOS) 
25. Carolina Panthers: 7-8-1 (.490 SOS) 
26. Baltimore Ravens: 10-6 (.475 SOS) 
27. Dallas Cowboys: 12-4 (.445 SOS) 
28. Denver Broncos: 12-4 (.521 SOS) 
29. Indianapolis Colts: 11-5 (.479 SOS) 
30. Green Bay Packers: 12-4 (.482 SOS)

In the Super Bowl (winner gets pick No. 32)

31. New England Patriots: 12-4 (.514 SOS) 
32. Seattle Seahawks: 12-4 (.525 SOS)