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I assume Doug Baldwin's rant about doubters included Seahawks fans who left the game early

The Seahawks had a mildly embarrassing display as some fans left the game early when the team fell behind. I found it that much funnier in light of Doug Baldwin's post-game rant about the doubters.

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The Seattle Seahawks defeated the Green Bay Packers in stunning fashion on Sunday to advance to their second consecutive Super Bowl. They have opened as slim favorites against New England, and have a good shot of claiming their second straight Lombardi Trophy. I will be rooting for the Patriots in this one, but if Seattle can pull this out, I'll certainly respect them for it. They're a good football team, after all.

After Sunday's win, Doug Baldwin went on a bit of a locker room rant calling out the media for doubting the Seahawks. A Field Gulls writer was in the locker room and able to get video, which you can watch HERE. Baldwin opened by talking about people doubting them when they were 6-4, but then went on to talk about people doubting the Seahawks when they were down 16-0 at halftime.

It is an entirely reasonable rant, and I don't really have much of a problem with it. You've won, you can call out the doubters. Of course, I have to assume Baldwin was including the Seahawks fans that left the game early, and unsuccessfully tried to get back into the game when the Seahawks made their amazing comeback.

I totally get that every team has band wagon fans. And I totally get that the same thing would probably have happened at Levi's Stadium. It was not exactly a bastion of hard core fans in its debut season. And of course, I know some fans will say I'm just being a bitter 49ers fan, and I should get over it.

That is all true. And yet, I am still perfectly content enjoying a laugh at this situation that could not have been more cliched. Congratulations to the Seahawks and what I imagine would be 11/12th of the "12th Man"