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NFL mock draft 2015: Looking at 49ers wide receivers with Michael Crabtree potentially hitting free agency

The San Francisco 49ers have some questions at wide receiver. With some intriguing talent in this year's wide receiver class, could they look to replace Michael Crabtree?

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers introduced their new head coach on Thursday, but they continue the search for the next offensive coordinator. Head coach Jim Tomsula has experience as a head coach in NFL Europe, but the general belief is that the team's offensive philosophy moving forward will be determined to a certain extent by general manager Trent Baalke. During Tomsula's press conference, Baalke even interjected as much when he mentioned the team would be doing a lot of rushing.

While rushing will be important, the team hopefully recognizes the need for a game-breaking type of receiver. The team suffered because teams could stack the box in 2014, knowing they could keep the 49ers receivers in front of them to a certain extent. The 49ers could not stretch out defenses, and while the run game had success a decent amount, the offense as a whole struggled this past season.

And with that, we come to Dan Kadar's latest 2015 NFL mock draft at SB Nation. Kadar has generally had the 49ers picking wide receivers in his mocks thus far, although last week he went outside linebacker in a "best player available" pick. This week, he is back with a familiar wide receiver, West Virginia's Kevin White.

This is an easy pick to fall back on for San Francisco. White is a good player and would give the 49ers a nice replacement for Michael Crabtree, who is a free agent.

Free agency does not begin for another two months, but there will be plenty of chatter about how it will shake out for notable 49ers. One notable name is Michael Crabtree. I don't know how the wide receiver market will shake out, because right now there is some serious talent expected to hit the market. That can change with contract extensions in the next two months, but for now, it could be a buyer's market. If a lot of quality talent hits the market, could that drive down prices to a point where Crabtree potentially returns?

If the 49ers want to bring him back, there will be some kind of discussion about where the offense is going in 2015. Crabtree has said he wants to be able to make more of an impact, which is perfectly reasonable after what we saw from the passing game in 2015. My gut says Crabtree is not back, and I say that because potential OC Rob Chudzinski is a guy who will want to get some more downfield threats in the mix. He would guide a power rushing attack, but you can only do so much of that if you don't have the players to stretch defenses a bit more.

I've dropped in a poll just to see how many people think Crabtree will return in 2015, so drop in a vote when you get a minute.