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Patriots being investigated for deflating footballs, and Darnell Dockett is fine with it

The New England Patriots are back in the spotlight for a potentially shady practice in the AFC Championship Game. Let the Super Bowl coverage begin!

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Good news for those of you concerned the media would not have enough storylines to discuss leading up to Super Bowl 49! It turns out the New England Patriots are being investigated for deflating footballs prior to their 2015 AFC Championship Game victory over the Indianapolis ColtsBob Kravitz submitted a report on this, and the NFL reportedly confirmed they are looking into the situation. Here is what Kravitz had to say:

"I initially thought a softer ball would be tougher to throw, but people who understand physics have since told me it would be easier to throw and catch. Naturally, Boston fans went nuts on me, calling me every conceivable name. Nobody is suggesting the footballs had any appreciable impact on the game; it was a butt-whooping. But if the league believes the balls were deflated, expect the Pats to be fined or be forced to forfeit draft picks. Or both."

Given how badly the Patriots beat the Colts on Sunday, I don't think deflated balls were going to make much of a difference. But naturally, if New England was trying to get a competitive advantage in an illegal manner, it raises some questions. After all, this is the same team that got into hot water over "Spygate" back in 2007.

When Spygate went down, it cost the Patriots their first round draft pick in the following year's draft. It is way too early to tell if they will lose another pick, but it will be something to track in the coming days. I would imagine this will be resolved fairly quickly. The timing is amusing, to say the least, as the same day as the conference championship, word got out that the Patriots filed tampering charges against the Jets over cornerback Darrells Revis.

In the meantime, one person does not have a problem with it!