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Rex Ryan head coach candidate vs. Rex Ryan TV studio candidate

Rex Ryan has drawn interest from both NFL teams and television. Could he be using the former to boost a contract offer from the latter?

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers are expected to interview Rex Ryan on Sunday, as they continue their search for a new head coach. In addition to the 49ers, Ian Rapoport is reporting Ryan has an interview set up with the Atlanta Falcons for this coming Tuesday, and is drawing interest from the Buffalo Bills. The New York Jets are looking at former Bills head coach Doug Marrone, so it would be kind of amusing if Marrone and Ryan just switched places.

What is more interesting about Rapoport's tweet is that he mentions Ryan has also retained a broadcast agent to assist him in his search for a new job. This is of some note because there has been speculation Ryan should have little trouble finding a broadcasting job if that is the path he wants to pursue. He has a big personality that likely lends itself to television, and he could probably make good money doing it.

Pro Football Talk has mentioned that some think Ryan is talking to NFL teams in order to get more money out of a television network (PFT suggests ESPN). That would not shock me at all, and is one reason I am skeptical Ryan ends up as head coach of the 49ers. I still think the 49ers go internal, so this news only serves to add more to that consideration.

Where it also gets interesting is the fact that Ryan retained Nick Khan from Creative Artists Agency (CAA). One frequent comment about Adam Schefter is that his relationship with CAA has afforded him quite a few news scoops. Schefter claims he no longer uses CAA to negotiate his contract, but that obviously would not preclude him from benefiting from CAA's extensive talent list. I mention this because it likely means Adam Schefter is going to be the guy who breaks Ryan's next job, particularly if it involves him going to ESPN.