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49ers coaching rumors: Vic Fangio interview reportedly went really well

San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator Vic Fangio reportedly had a strong interview with the team. Would you approve of him as head coach?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Vic Fangio interviewed with the San Francisco 49ers on Tuesday for their head coach job, and Jason LaCanfora is reporting the interview went really well. LaCanfora said it lasted six hours and was "really impressive." The 49ers are continuing their interview process, and still have several candidates with which to speak.

Most of the candidates are assistant coaches for playoff teams, with a few non-playoff teams involved. That means if a team advances, the 49ers might be left waiting if they are particularly interested in a coach. However, if Fangio is the guy they like, there will be no waiting. Well, there might be waiting on filling out the coaching staff, but we don't know for certain exactly how a Coach Fangio would fill out his staff.

If Fangio were to end up getting the job, how do you see a coaching staff shaking out. There was a report that Ed Donatell would likely be his defensive coordinator. That could bode extremely well for the defense, and very well could get Justin Smith to return for another year. The big question then becomes how the offensive staff looks. Vic Fangio is strictly a defensive guy, so a Fangio tenure would be almost the opposite of the Jim Harbaugh tenure in terms of which side the coach impacts.

Just to start getting an idea of things, if Vic Fangio were named the 49ers next head coach, would you approve? Obviously how he fills out his staff would play into this considerably, but just Fangio as head coach, what do you think?