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What went down with Adam Gase in his 49ers interview?

The San Francisco 49ers finalized their head coach last week, but there is still speculation about the whole situation regarding Adam Gase. Did his final interview with the team have problems?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers interviewed Adam Gase two times over the course of a week, and at one point it seemed like he was set to become the team's next head coach. And then just as suddenly, word got out that Jim Tomsula was getting the job. The team officially announced it, and that was that.

There has been speculation that the job was Tomsula's to lose from the beginning. Plenty of us have wondered how much of a process there was given that the guy speculated to be getting the job all the way back in November ended up getting it. We will probably never know for certain what exactly went down, but rumors are starting to circulate.

Matt Maiocco was asked about Gase as a potential offensive coordinator, and he reiterated that he was under the impression things did not go down very well. Earlier in the day, friend of the site Melissa Jacobs, wrote at that she had heard rumblings he had let recent success go to his head, and come off as cocky and entitled.

The whole situation is kind of odd, and will remain that way because I doubt we get any firm answers. After all, it is very possible this is spin from the 49ers side of things. And really, who else would be putting this out there at this point? That does not mean it is not true, but we do need to take everything with a grain of salt in assessing this situation. In reality, Gase is not the head coach, and likely will not be the offensive coordinator, so we can probably just move on and be done with it. But given that the 49ers are feeling their way through things, speculation will continue as to the whole story.