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Jeff Garcia REALLY wants to coach Colin Kaepernick, NFL quarterbacks

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jeff Garcia is making it very, very clear that he really wants to coach quarterbacks, Colin Kaepernick in particular. Will anything come of it?

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is in Arizona working out with Kurt Warner and quarterback coach Dennis Gile. In the meantime, former 49ers quarterback Jeff Garcia continues politicking for any and all possible quarterback coaching opportunities, including with Kap.

After word got out that Kap was going to work out with Warner, Grant Cohn wrote an article stating it was a bad idea because of the differences in style, and Warner's lack of coaching experience. Garcia tweeted that article out, and made it clear he felt he could do a better job. He subsequently backed off a little, saying Warner would be able to help Kap, but Garcia continues to express his feelings about helping out:

"I think Kurt Warner is a great coach, great player obviously .. What he does as a coach I'm sure takes the mental side of the game, and he's able to do the things that can help Colin in the sense of studying film and watching how he sees the game, watching other quarterbacks play the game, getting ideas or picking up pieces as to how he can better himself mentally.

"And that's where Kurt was going to spend his time, he was going to spend maybe 2-3 days, if that, in the film room with Colin ... the fact of the matter is, he's (Kaepernick) getting the work in, he's trying to better himself, he's trying to improve, he's trying to do the necessary things that will help him be successful on the football field, and help him and his team elevate their game ... I would love to have the opportunity to work with Colin, and maybe it's something that will happen down the road."

Garcia is now doubling down on his desire to coach. He appeared on a Philadelphia radio station on Wednesday, and said he wanted to talk with Chip Kelly about joining his coaching staff:

Since ending his career, Garcia has worked to get his way into coaching. He has his own quarterback academy, and spent 2014 coaching quarterbacks in the CFL with the Montreal Alouettes. He clearly wants to get into coaching, and has made it almost painfully evident. I admire his drive, but at times it does also come across as a little pushy. I suppose there is a thin line in that regard.

Oscar had a very interesting take on all this earlier in the month when Garcia initially criticized Kap's offseason QB coach decisions:

I don't expect Jeff Garcia to be coaching Kap anytime soon, but we'll see if Garcia is able to work his way into an NFL coaching position. He obviously has the quarterback experience. Now we'll see if he can take the next step.