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Jim Harbaugh tweets congratulations to a few head coaches, except Jim Tomsula, Todd Bowles

Jim Harbaugh has joined Twitter, and he had words of congratulations for some NFL coaches. He just did not have congratulations for all of them.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Former San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh has re-joined Twitter in the weeks since joining the University of Michigan, and it has been a bit amusing at times. His Twitter account sometimes reads like a Harbaugh catch-phrase generator. Other times he makes silly comments just to make them. He is not overly busy on Twitter, but he will likely continue using it as a recruiting tool.

Late Tuesday night, he sent out a tweet congratulating many of the new coaches around the NFL.

As you can see, he congratulated three of his assistants that have taken similar roles elsewhere. Additionally, he congratulated three of the new head coaches. He did not congratulate Jim Tomsula or Todd Bowles.

I suppose this isn't a whole lot of much, but I've already had people mention it to me on Twitter, and I'm sure some folks will mention it in the comments. When the 49ers announced Jim Tomsula as their next head coach, Cam Inman contacted Harbaugh for a response, but got a no comment. This tweet would seem to effectively serve as another no comment.

Tim Kawakami reported that sometime in the last year, Jed York told front office people that he thought Tomsula could have won more games than Harbaugh. This reportedly got back to Harbaugh eventually, and it led to a rift in his relationship with Tomsula. It is entirely possible TK is hearing an exaggerated version of this, but I don't doubt someone actually told him something along these lines.

It should not be surprising then that Jim Harbaugh might not have a warm and fuzzy tweet or comment about the 49ers decision to promote the man some speculated was going to replace him before he was even out the door. Can you just feel the love?