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Rob Chudzinski would appear to be off the radar as San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator

The Indianapolis Colts are turning down all OC interview requests for Rob Chudzinski. Who does that leave to be 49ers OC?

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Well, much like my performance in the NN prediction contest, my OC prediction is going down in flames. I had heard that Rob Chudzinski was the guy the San Francisco 49ers were targeting for offensive coordinator, and it would appear I was wrong. Well, whether they were targeting him or not, the Indianapolis Colts are shutting it down.

Chudzinski is a "special assistant" to head coach Chuck Pagano. An offensive coordinator job would be a promotion, but teams can block an assistant from getting a promotion if it is not for a head coach job. I believe there is a gentleman's agreement around the league with regard to head coach positions, but any other job can be denied. We saw it repeatedly in the past with Ed Donatell when teams wanted to interview him for defensive coordinator jobs.

With Chud seemingly out of the picture, who does that leave? The team retained Geep Chryst, and they have been connected with Lane Kiffin and Mike Shanahan. Could there be a mystery option, or are we looking at one of those three names?