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Rob Chudzinski contract expires next week, 49ers OC job could remain in play

It is possible Rob Chudzinski could still be an option for 49ers OC. It turns out he will be a free agent soon.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Well, well, well. Indianapolis Colts special assistant Rob Chudzinski could be back on the radar for the San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator job. While the Colts have reportedly declined any interview requests, they will not be able to do that next week. According to multiple reports, Chudzinski's contract is up next week. When his contract expires, he is free to do whatever he wants.

The Colts refusal to allow interview requests could be due to them wanting to find a new role for him within the team. If that's the case, it makes sense to keep him away from interviews. It is possible they are just being jerks in not letting him interview this week, but the former makes a lot more sense to me. This latest news does not guarantee he will be the 49ers offensive coordinator, but it at least cracks the door back open.

Just when you thought the head coach search would be the crazy part of all this, the OC search becomes that much more confusing. It's quite the ride, that's for sure.