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NFL Pro Bowl draft results: Andrew Luck deflated comment is highlight as Joe Staley, Antoine Bethea, end up on same team

The NFL Pro Bowl draft concluded, but we had one amusing highlight. We take a look at that and the 49ers results.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL's now annual Pro Bowl draft is officially a wrap. I only caught a brief moment of it before coming to my senses, but apparently we all missed out on what will be one of the favorites for best comments of the year. Andrew Luck was the first selection on Wednesday, going to Cris Carter's team. At some point he was talking about losing in the playoffs, and he had this to say:

I wish I had watched this, and I have yet to find any video of him saying it. But, could that have gone any more perfectly? And the fact that he was quick to recognize he had just stepped in it makes it so much better.

The Pro Bowl draft results can be viewed HERE. For those that are curious, Joe Staley and Antoine Bethea will be playing on the same team. Staley was selected No. 13 on Wednesday, going after tackle Tyron Smith, but before tackles Joe Thomas, Ryan Clady, Trent Williams and Duane Brown. Bethea was selected No. 43, and was the second to last player picked.

Fooch's Update: There's video!