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Jed York seems to have a sense of humor about this

There are plenty of disgruntled fans, which means it will be a long offseason of waiting for the team to get back on the football field. Will people calm down as the offseason moves on, or what exactly will happen?

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Jed York is getting hammered in his Twitter mentions, and has been for much of the last three weeks. The various decisions of late could actually pan out for him, but in the meantime, it is not exactly shocking. But I suppose credit to Jed at least moderately, for having a sense of humor about this.

The next eight months are going to be interesting to track, at least among the fans. Once the coaching staff is hired, things should quiet down to some extent for much of February. Then we'll have the Combine in late February, free agency in March, the draft in April, OTAs and minicamp in May and June, dead time in July, and then training camp in late July.

Will people calm down a bit as the offseason wears along? If the 49ers get off to a slow start in free agency as we have seen before, how will reactions be compared to in the past? I really am curious to see how people treat all this before the team actually gets back on the football field.

Once they do get back in action, those first few weeks will be pivotal. A slow start will have people blowing up, while a strong start could have people backpedalling on predictions of gloom and doom. Either way, we won't know until football gets going, but it is going to be a looooooong offseason until then.