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Rob Chudzinski contract expires on Monday, according to report

Rob Chudzinski could be available sooner rather than later to interview for offensive coordinator jobs. According to one report, his contract expires on Monday.

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers might have a shot at nailing down their next offensive coordinator a little earlier than expected. According to FOX Sports NFL reporter Alex Marvez, Rob Chudzinski's contract with the Indianapolis Colts expires on Monday. Previously, Jason LaCanfora had reported Chud's contract expired on Saturday, January 31.

The Colts denied permission to both the 49ers and St. Louis Rams to interview Chudzinski. The thinking has been that they are trying to figure out a way to keep him in house. Denying permission left them with a brief exclusive negotiation window. Pep Hamilton is currently the Colts offensive coordinator, but could find himself in line for a head coaching job next season. It would seem Chudzinski would be in line to take his job if that were the case.

With no guarantees about when Hamilton would be gone, it makes sense for Chudzinski to consider his options this year. While he could roll the dice on getting to work with Andrew Luck in a year, the 49ers job would not exactly be chop liver. He'd get a chance to work with Colin Kaepernick and what should still be a fairly talented offensive line. The team will be instituting Trent Baalke's vision with more power running, but the 49ers OC would still likely have more control than a lot of teams given Tomsula's defensive experience.

Marvez said to expect the 49ers and Rams to interview Chudzinski. I imagine the situation will resolve itself fairly early in the week.