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Lane Kiffin confirms return to Alabama

Alabama announced that offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin will stay with the team in 2015. That means he will not be the 49ers OC this year.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers will not have Lane Kiffin as their offensive coordinator in 2015. Kiffin confirmed with the University of Alabama that he will remain with the team as OC for the coming season. National signing day is fast approaching, so it makes sense that he would announce this now for all the recruits he is convincing on Alabama.

Kiffin had been suggested as a potential candidate for the 49ers offensive coordinator job. There was never anything more than initial bit of speculation, and I do wonder who dropped that info. One possibility is Kiffin and his agent let it be known and were in turn able to turn that into a raise with Alabama. Another option is the 49ers floated that name to see what kind of response there would be, and potentially make a Rob Chudzinski or another name look better, but who really knows.

And so, we continue to wait for the 49ers to hire an offensive coordinator. I'll stick with Rob Chudzinski, but we'll see what the coming week brings.