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NFL mock draft database: Could 49ers consider more random position?

The latest Niners Nation mock draft database has running back and offensive tackle showing up. Any thought on if either position make senses?

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The Senior Bowl is officially a wrap, which means we will start to see some changes in NFL mock drafts. I put together an update of the Niners Nation mock draft database so we have some semblance of a baseline before mock drafts are updated in the next few days.

It should surprise nobody that the wide receiver position leads the way once again. 13 of the 22 mock drafts had the San Francisco 49ers picking a wide receiver. Eight of those 13 decided Kevin White was the choice. I'm sure these will change to some extent depending on how White performs at the NFL Combine. For now though, White is going to be a regular mention in connection with the 49ers.

Cornerback was the next biggest, with five mocks going with that position. The 49ers invested a first round pick in defensive back Jimmie Ward last year, but the last time they spent a first round pick on a traditional cornerback was in 2000 when they drafted Ahmed Plummer. Since then, they spent a second round pick on Shawntae Spencer, and a third round pick on Chris Culliver.

The most random mock was NFL Draft Room mocking running back Melvin Gordon to the 49ers. They updated a couple weeks ago, so it is not like this is a particularly old mock draft. The 49ers have questions at running back, with Frank gore a question mark in free agency. However, even if he walks, the 49ers will have Carlos Hyde likely taking over as the starter. Even if Kendall Hunter did not work out in his return from an ACL tear, would the 49ers really invest a first round pick in the position? I would guess no, but this might be one more time where Trent Baalke surprises all of us.

Another random mock had the 49ers drafting an offensive tackle. Draft Season had the 49ers selecting Brandon Scherff. It was back in late December, but even still, would tackle make sense? Based on scouting reports I've read, Scherff likely slots in as a right tackle. If he were expected to move into guard, I suppose the 49ers could decide he could take over at left guard, but even still, that would depend on the 49ers deciding Brandon Thomas was not ready. If that were the case, offensive guard could make sense in the first round. Otherwise, I'm just not seeing it.