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Josh Gordon fails another drug test, subject to 1-year suspension

Josh Gordon apparently failed another drug test, and will face a one-year suspension. I'm guessing most 49ers fans are fine with the team never completing a trade for him.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Fooch's update: Sounds like it might be alcohol, not marijuana.

You have GOT to be kidding me.

While I do think the NFL's marijuana policy is fairly stupid, I also am amazed that Gordon would once again put himself in a position to fail a drug test. He previously faced a year-long suspension after an arrest for driving while impaired. An adjustment to the NFL's drug policy saw the suspension reduced to ten games. This latest failed drug test would result in the one-year suspension.

Back in September, there was a report the 49ers and Browns talked about a trade for Gordon. And I do know that people have suggested the 49ers should be looking into a deal for Gordon. I suppose Baalke could decide he is still worth a risk, and if Gordon was released by the Browns at some point, maybe he is. Teams will almost always take a risk on talent, so I have to think someone will give Gordon another chance. There is no doubt he is an incredibly talented wide receiver. If the Browns release him, how soon after the one-year suspension does Gordon get another shot?