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Perry Fewell may have offer from 49ers, interviewing with Washington

The San Francisco 49ers interviewed Perry Fewell over the weekend to be their DBs coach. It now sounds like he might have a few options.

Rick Stewart/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers search for a defensive backs coach has hit a bit of a stall. The team interviewed former New York Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell over the weekend, and ESPN's John Keim is reporting the team made an offer to him. However, Jordan Raanan is reporting Fewell is in Washington to interview to be their vacant defensive backs coach.

This does not necessarily mean he will not end up with the 49ers. If he gets an offer from Washington (and any other team), it would provide him with some leverage for a counter-offer. Fewell would seem to have some options, so it makes sense to flesh them all out before making a decision.

It is possible one team could offer him a bit more power as the defensive backs coach. At 52, Fewell is still at a point where he could become a defensive coordinator again. The right DBs coach opportunity could help propel him into such a position. We don't know what his motivations are at this point, so it is hard to say what it will take to land him. He might want money, he might want some kind of power, or it could be as simple as location being a selling point.