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Greg Roman to focus on run game with Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills will use a committee approach to game-planning. Newly hired offensive coordinator Greg Roman will focus on the run game, while QB coach David Lee and WR coach Sanjay Lal will focus on the passing game.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills hired Greg Roman to be their offensive coordinator, but much like his days at Stanford, Roman will apparently focus more on the run game.

While at Stanford, Roman was run game coordinator, and also tight ends and offensive line coach. He took over as the San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator in 2011, and worked in that job through 2014, amidst plenty of fan complaints.

Given all the complaints about the 49ers offense, I figured some people might be interested in learning about the limitations on Roman's work with the Bills. This does not provide us with any sort of end-all, be-all evidence about his coaching abilities, but it certainly is an interesting development.

One problem in any assessment about Greg Roman is that we don't know exactly how responsibilities were divided up for the offense. At different points there was mention of Tom Rathman and John Morton all impacting game-planning. And we know Jim Harbaugh was involved to some extent. The question was a matter of how much. Is it possible Roman was effectively in a similar role with the 49ers, or did he potentially lose some responsibilities in Buffalo? It's probably an unanswerable question, but it is still an interesting one.