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49ers salary cap 2015: Breaking down the early dead money

The 49ers have just over $6.4 million in dead money for the 2015 season. We break down the early list of dead money hits.

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A year ago, I took a look at the San Francisco 49ers dead money as they prepared for the 2014 league year. We're back a year later, and now seems as good a time as any to break down the 49ers dead money as the 2015 league year approaches.

Dead money is the amount of guaranteed money left in the players deal that is prorated, or basically already earned. If done before June 1st, it all counts against that season's cap. If a player is given a June 1st designation, the money is split over two seasons. When it is split over two seasons, it is usually not an even amount each year. You can get one years worth in the first season, and then the rest in year two.

It is worth noting that a player can be on the roster and have dead money. At the end of training camp, the 49ers waived various players, and then signed some of them back to the practice squad. That means they are basically like two separate players.

At present, the 49ers have $6,484,901 in dead money divided between 10 players. At this point last season, they had just under $2 million in dead money, but it was later boosted when the 49ers released Carlos Rogers. We know the 49ers will be considering some options that could add to this total. For example, Ahmad Brooks is a very real possible release option. We likely will not hear more about this until February or March as the team prepares for the new league year. I'll be back in the next month looking at cap casualty candidates, and what kind of money the 49ers could save.

In the meantime, here is where dead money currently stands:

Ray McDonald: $4,069,971

We all know McDonald was released by the 49ers before the end of the 2014 season, which resulted in this dead money.

Carlos Rogers: $1,494,532

This dead money is a result of the 49ers designating Rogers as a June-1st cut during the 2014 offseason.

LaMichael James: $213,436

This is from when the 49ers released James after Week 1 of the 2014 season, and because it was after June 1st, the dead money was spread out over 2 seasons.

Marcus Lattimore: $150,292

This is a result of Lattimore retiring during the 2014 season. Like James, this was done after June 1st, and resulted in the guaranteed money being spread out over 2 seasons.

Asante Cleveland: $5,334

This is a result of the 49ers waiving Cleveland right before the start of the 2014 season. Like with others, this was done after June 1st, so that's why he has dead money in 2015, as well as him having dead money back in 2014. He was signed to the practice squad, and then eventually added back to the 53-man roster due to various tight end injuries. He is an example of a player accounting for dead money, but also remaining with the team.

Shayne Skov: $5,000

This is a result of the 49ers waiving Skov before the 2014 season began.

Kory Faulkner: $2,000

This is a result of Faulkner being waived before the 2014 season began.

Luke Marquardt: $1,668

This is a result of Marquardt being waived before the 2014 season began.

Kevin McDermott: $1,668

This is a result of McDermott being waived before the 2014 season began.

Lawrence Okoye: $1,000

This is a result of Okoye being waived before the 2014 season began.

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